Zentora Migration Ideas @ Fraud Immigration Consultant

i started my process of immigration to canada by myself ,did eca ,cleared ielts with 7 band ,having an experience of 7 years in government sector ,and filed my case just by reading through website cic.but i thought to take and advice from expert to reach my goal early .
i searched on net and then contact to migration ideas , person name shaik ,initially talk to me. and promised me that from now all your pain and research will be done by the most professional and let give us just one chance and you will be happy from our efforts and …………so on

the realty is that this company is totally fraud . run by non professionals ,having even zero or i should say thay have negative knowledge about immigration process,even the persons have no talking manners. they shout on people have knowledge about immigration process as they cant befool him.almost 7 months passed with this company and i m at same position not got pnp programme
realty is that they have no knowledge how to proceed
my advice to all of readers please dont trust to zentora and dont waste your hard earned money on it. better to move yourself then hiring zentora .
i am damm sure if you opt for migration idea company please forgot about immigration. as it can be done with proper knowledge , and these people are nothing to deal with it

they are expert in recommending websites only. when you ask something , they refer you a website and say go through it and find answer of your quarry.
these people says just give us a single chance as they knew better no one will recommend or give them other chance , they are so confident by their services.


  1. Adithi

    Even i paid for canada pr

  2. siddhant

    i have just applied with Zentora on last saturday i.e 15th April 2015 and i have paid them 69000/- what should i do now

    1. sitara

      PLS call me

    2. Mohan kumar

      Hi,that’s not true…I too did process with zentora and got my ITA successfully…no need to worry about your money, it’s worth paying to them…timely guidance and support helps me to get ITA…try to get more scores in ielts that’s it…

      1. Radhaa

        Hi Mohan,

        What was your CRS score. How Zentorra helped you

      2. Akki

        Hi..can u please leave your contact no to call u..i just want to discuss few details

      3. Mohan M

        Hi Mohan,
        even i want apply for canada PR. i just want to know few details regarding this. Can u please give me ur mobile num. will call u.



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