WWICS Mohali Not Refunding Money


I have send number of mails to your different departments. This is in regards to my refund application. WWICS Mohali The reason you have given for not refunding the money is completely false and baseless. You people are cheating clients as I have not used your services so it doesn’t matter what you give the reason for not refunding the fees. WWICS Mohali I have not used your services so you should refund the money immediately. WWICS Mohali¬† First of all I didn’t received the agreement copy till last month, secondly I have all the evidence that the process was delayed from your side(which was informed in details with the refund application to your Mohali Branch) and finally the agreement is not an legal agreement as I was not explained properly and the agreement copy was never given to me till l made the refund application (I have already discussed the matter with my legal counsel). WWICS Mohali¬† I would also suggest you to get the full details from you Mohali Branch as I have given a letter with full description about the delays from your side while I was submitting the refund application. Also just to inform you that I have number of emails from you Mohali office which tried to threaten and instigate me after the refund application was made. I would kindly request you to review you decision considering all the facts. I would also like to inform you that I will wait for next 7 days, if I don’t receive any communication or my refund is not processed, I will be forced to take necessary legal action without informing you anymore. I have already informed the Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal about the case and the decision you have given for not refunding the fees. Hope you will understand the situation and do the needful immediately.

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