WWICS – Forgery and Biggest Cheater –WWICS and Mr. B. S. Sandhu

Liar – Cheater – Fraud, these are the three words describe WWICS as a company and its team.

They lie during customer acquisition (They say they will give PR in 8-10 months, but I am struggling for last 2 years) they cheat with your money (they syphoned your money and do not give you service, do not receive phone calls, do not respond to your emails. You need to take a new no to follow up with them always) and do tremendous miscommitments and they are fraud in terms of syphoned your hard earned money and making profit out of it.

The have certain rules in running their offices and that is applicable only for the existing clients (Who have paid their hard earned money to them, and they bullied the customers) –

  1. They do not respond to your emails
  2. They do not receive your calls
  3. If the person is on leave, it seems the office is closed. And he/she is not responsible for anything in the world.

I, the undersigned, have been trapped by wwics Immigration company Kolkata Branch (Mr. Sumit) and he has committed me that within 8-10 months they will provide PR to Australia, and taken the payout of one lakh rupees in July 2015. As per their commitments I should have got the PR by March 2016. But it is amazingly surprised that they do not process the file, and kept in his (Sumit) drawers’ until I visit his branch and show him where he kept my file. After that they lost my documents and again and again asked me to visit their branches and taken time for that. They took 1.5 years to complete my documentations and proceed for filling.

One of their employees Ms. Granthana has confirmed me that there shall be no extra charges if I am paying the amount in Credit card (If I am out of station), but without my permission she has given the credit card details to the agency when I was present in Kolkata and made the DD from Bank. She had assured me that there shall not be any extra charges for the same, but when I go my Credit card statement I saw Rs. 4000/= has been taken extra as charges. There are numerous numbers of miss commitments and wrong information given by them.

Ultimately I got my clearance in April 2016. And I have given my IELTS has come in July’16. Post that they again took almost a year to process my file for Northern territory. Every time they feel some or the other documents are not proper, and they took 7 months on the sake of documentations, and after then during filing they just again stopped communication.

Today on 4th May’2017 when I tried to reach their zonal office no, one executive said everyone is on leave and they are not available over phone and email. I called up Debanjana , and she said that Aus Govt has changed the rule and my Job Id (HR Advisor) is not any more in their list. If I would not have called her, I was in a notion that my file is in prcess, there is not a single communication from their end. Moreover, I have written an email to their regional head Mr. Ratan Mishra and their legal team on 26th April followed by a reminder mail on 29th April, but till date there is no response.

I feel depressed and cheated as I have paid my hard earned money and my career to them. Not only I a depressed by the said issue , their tremendous level of negligence & miss commitments and going through a mental agony I have been harassed and my hard earned money has been syphoned from my account. This is probably my last plea to the honorable consumer court as I have lost all hope from them. Thus pray for justice in the honorable forum.



Piyali Dhar

Contact No 9830014639



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