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I subscribed to Y-axis Consultancy service a year back. What I feel is that y-axis process consultants do not have expert knowledge on the immigration process. They can only help if your case is straight forward. They cannot analyze if you can claim points for Australian education requirement, partners points, etc. They have very limited knowledge on the documents required if you are residing other than India. They might also leave you stuck in the middle of your process if their process consultant resign. Going ahead with Y-axis for the immigration is a total risk. Better alternative is to choose an authorized MARA agents.


  1. y-axis

    Dear Mansoor,

    Accept this as an official response from Y-Axis Client Relationship Department.

    We value your feedback given to us and will definitely take it positively if there has been any concerns with us in terms of our services. You have mentioned in your below comments that we failed to confirm if you can claim points on Australian study. We believe, you have been repeatedly advised by your consultant on the requirement of Australia study and the requirement of 16 calendar months or 92 weeks to meet the points requirement. However there was no confirmation received on this even after your attempts consulting the University. When you have replied to us that some of your friends said it is not a course of 92 weeks , with your consent we avoided the risk of processing your file with Australian study points and did your EOI excluding these points. Definitely the duration of study and no.of weeks of study has to be confirmed by the applicant while these details are not in the documents.

    If we had not any experience in dealing complicated cases, we would definitely not insist you on every small detail which is very important in making your file successful. Our intention is only to make your file successful and to avoid any kind of concerns that may impact your application outcome.

    Partner points are only advised if the applicant requires it mandatory to qualify, while we understand these are granted only if the partner can meet up the skills assessment requirements. We definitely check your partner eligibility on this and she had not been on any employment and so we could not advise on points.

    Please understand, your case is as important to us as it is to you. We have made every possible effort to ensure we make a valid application and we hand hold your file till your application is finalised.
    We regret for inconvenience caused to you due to our consultant’s unavailability. However, we have assigned a new case worker who is looking after your file and advising you in completing your process.
    You may feel free to approach respective Team Lead if you have any concerns related to your file. We will be happy to take your feedback which will definitely make difference for us.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Client Relationship Officer
    Y-Axis Overseas Careers

  2. Jasleen Kaur

    Very bad experience with y axis immigration consultants, never choose this company .

  3. Sunil

    Never pay to Y Axis Immigration

    To whome so ever it may concern this is to let you know that your documentation is in complete without IELTS so I kindly inform you all not to pay single rupee or start your process of PR unless your IELTS required score is with u as all consultancies fool u and take money and they will not return anything if u don’t get IELTS.

    So don’t dump your money and suffer.

    IELTS is mandatory to get your application through.


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