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I applied for PNP for Canada on 5th August 2015 and I paid 2, 28, 000/- without any second thought because of loyal brand. It was the first installment. Total I have to pay 5 installment of 2, 28, 000 and visa charges extra. From very beginning I cleared them that 1. I have only business experience and no any job experience. Thats why I cannot provide salary slip, form16 and other job documents. The information that counselor gave was like : 1. I will surely get visa. 2. I have to only provide experience certificate. 3. After getting job offer letter everything would be positive(but it was not mentioned in agreement) 4. The category is not point based. 5. The risk is of only 50k, if I wont get job offer letter.(But after going home and reading agreement letter thoroughly I found that risk is of total 13 lakhs if I get job offer letter) But the big mistake I did is that I signed agreement without reading in which everything was written on their favor only. I was called on 14th August 2015 for document checklist. File was transferred from attendant to document advisor. So I asked them for which category I am applying LMIA or some other. Document advisor replied me that you must be knowing and you may ask the attendant. He also told me that it is point based category(it alerts me why there are confused – attendant is saying that it is not point based and document advisor is saying that it is point based category) . So it was cleared that even they lack knowledge. There it was mentioned of providing job documents like duty letter, appointment letter, salary slip, form 16. In addition to this they informed me that Canadian Immigration would not consider business experience and on other side they are asking me to show my business document. Is this not misleading, misguiding ? And what I know that form16, salary slip is something I cannot provide them and for this reason I asked for refund on 25th August, first of all they denied to refund a single penny, as it was mentioned in agreement letter. Then I informed them that agreement letter is between you and me, you too know there is not a single work that is done from your side, I havent provided a single document, whats the process that you did from your side. Anyhow they were ready to refund money by deducting 57k from the amount(2, 28, 000) and I asked them that for what purpose you are deducting 57k, they told me that I have to pay as an administration charges. Because of my helplessness, I too have to ready for the remaining amount because my money was trapped and I was in critical condition. They refunded me the remaining amount(1, 71, 000) on 05th October 2015. In August there was curfew in Ahmedabad due to Patidar rally for reservation. Internet connectivity was lost. How can they justify the administration charges Rs.57k for 10 days(from 14th August 2015 to 25th August) and that also I have not provided single document. It was proved that they do not have any work ethics and moral, they are simply money oriented by hook or crook. Once they got the money they becomes king and do whatever they want. Finally what I realize that it was my mistake that I went and trusted Winny Immigration. They took full advantage of my helplessness because I signed agreement by trusting them. The reason I asked for refund is: 1. I found that there was lack of knowledge so I cannot put my 13lakhs on risk. 2. I cannot provide the job documents which I cleared them from first day. 3. Showing business experience that is not related to my education background is like deceiving to me. At the first approach they ask for payment before any kind of proceedings. They will make sure you are at fault when asked for refund. Consultancy do not have any right of taking our money without any reason. If anyone can help me out with refund, please help me.


  1. Amit

    My sister applied for Express entry with the winny consultancy by paying all in advance. After that, they are always busy, suggested the wrong NOC and never reverted on time. When I ask for a refund got the email with all funny excuses that they are perfect and none of their mistake. I am filing a case against winny at ICCRC- IRCC. If any of you want to join, Pls send me the email on

    1. Divyesh

      Hello mr.amit i read your post
      i am from surat and they just open new branch in surat,they tell me to come for interview.
      can you pls call me or message me for more details about winny consultancy.

      Mr.divyesh no.9879939593 / 9825993839

  2. Prajval

    Seriously winny immigration is a third class immigration service, I have ever seen. They always show they are busy, don’t pick your calls, they only relax at their offices…no work is done ever…just go to office, eat and sleep and moreover tell lies…that’s it…Vadodara office is the worst place to visit for any kind of service. I kindly suggest you friends, never visit winny for your immigration.

  3. vishal yadav

    i can trust in winny immigarion,
    yes or not,
    pls give sugestion

  4. Nithin

    Foolish people all are making money

  5. Raga Majmudar

    if the above is true refubd all the money as amount of stress and time wasted, so client needs to given back everything

  6. Raga Majmudar

    Take them to consumer court and loge anFIR

  7. Monica Patel

    This is fake. My process is very nice. He help me all the process and help me. So please remove your opinion.


    1. Mayur Soni

      Hi, Monica.
      Now where are you?
      AT canada?

    2. Rachit

      Hii…My name is Rachit Trivedi.I want put up my file for canada pr,so which consultancy should preffer?

      1. kajal vyas

        Never go with Winny. NO. 1 Cheater company.they just making money nothing else.once u registered with them, they will not give you a single call about your process. Its my personal experience.

    3. Hiren Mistry

      Dear I can show you all the proof.

  8. Godwin

    Do you seen article by news agency on register immigration companies. Actually all are cheaters Famous Free Online Magazine’s author wants to write article on same. They are in hunt.

    Help them to make people aware and highlight these.
    Contact through comment on any article.
    We will get back to you.


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