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I was referred to approach Radvision World Consultancy by one of my friend. I was strongly convinced with that approach and services that helped me to acquire Maldives visa in a short time. The immigration specialists have a sound knowledge about Maldives visas and its processes. I was benefitted so much that I would recommended Radvision for anybody who is willing to move to Maldives.

Radvision World Consultancy is well known for its immigration services for Maldives. The in house team is proficient in offering services and information that are authentic and latest. I gained my Maldives visa with the effort of the team and look forward to approach them in future as well.

Radvision World Consultancy ranks top in the list of immigration consultantsin Delhi and hold expertise over Maldives visas. The team supported me in knowing all the information that was related to visa processing. Finally I got my visa successfully and my dream came true to land Maldives successfully. Thanks to the efficient team of Radvision.


  1. jimmusgrave

    Appointing Radvision World Consultancyto act as our migration agents for Germany immigration has meant that we have had expert advice and guidance throughout the, often complicated and stressful, process of applying for visas and honesty believe that it’s the best money we have ever spent! The best part was having the peace of mind that an expert was dealing with our visa process which took much of the worry and stress out of it for us. Having the “no visa no fee” pledge also gave us peace of mind that having been taken on as clients we had a good chance of successfully obtaining a visa! Thank you so so much.

  2. deepakchauhan

    It was really worthy approaching Radvison World Consultancy and hearty thanks to the highly competent support team for all their assistance in making our dreams come. It was the most amazing moment when we received a call on Friday morning to inform that we had been granted our Canadian PR visa. The immigration team has been fantastic. They remained positive, polite and professional from the outset. They always advised and responded promptly and demonstrated a personable approach, with a great sense of humour. Such team is a credit to your company. Very pleased I chose to go with Radvision World Consultancy, one of the reputed immigration firms for my Canada Permanent Residency. I must say that the immigration team was wonderful in every step of the visa process. I would recommend using services of Radvision World Consultancy, their knowledge and understanding of the Canada law system is amazing and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!

  3. alisarozzy

    One of my friends recommended about Radvision World Consultancy; it was all above my expectations, the courteous immigration expert team detailed me the entire Australia immigration procedure and also provided certain minute details that helped me obtaining my Australia PR visa successfully. Radvision World Consultancy was truly a helping hand for me when I was seeking for Australia skilled visa application. The immigration professionals guided me to apply the right visa according to my qualification and experience and were throughout making the process a wonderful experience. I offer my profound gratitude and appreciation to Radvision World Consultancy towards their sincere effort and involvement in my Australia visa process and it paid off when I got my work visa to Australia in just 8 months. Unbelievable it was! And all the credit goes to Radvision World.

  4. Jay

    I too got a call. Suggestions pls

  5. Hari nagar

    Fraud company, 100% cheater in radvision

    1. Deena

      Please dont believe this company radvision myself and my friend is cheated by them. So please dont trust them. First they told us that they give 100% job assistance and within2.5 months i can fly to maldives. Bt its already 3.5 months over and they are telling me that in the 2nd round interview they didnt select me. I have done best in my interview and the employer told me good for my answers. If the company cant give me job why they collected money from us.

    2. Deena

      Yes. I too felt. Because they offered job for me . Anf now they are not giving job or my money back

  6. Raj Kishore (Post author)

    Yes of course you can believe.

  7. Manasa

    Can i believ dis consultancy? Radivision?


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