Pragati Immigration Consultancy is Big Fraud Collect Money in Force then they wont do your job

Pragati Immigration Consultancy is Big Fraud collect money in force then they wont do your job because they dont know any immigration job just now how make interest to you for dream life in Canada or Australia once you reply them thats it you gone keep on asking you to joint and we send enjoyable style in your dream country  like that like this just word not action they cheater collect money from you very easy finish all money collection then no response even no call  or email  no one can contact you you only writing to them please friend here this consumer board also not doing anything just keep your message  here. please one take action in consumer board I also given rupees 70,000  to them for my dream country  Canada PR they making good interesting job also only word not doing job for me consumer board please take action with them I have all proof paid receipt, contact document that they promise all email please let me know how to reach you and do action with pragati consultant. even Sr. Manager said we going to pay 50% money in June first week but now July gone till date I have not receive my money why 50% as per contact document if in case failed in IELTS  They have to pay back 50% but they not. please friend to tell me how to stop is immigration licence from government. why government keep quite (may be government staff collect money from them) they easily renew licence must check this kind of website any report or not. now I am asking them to pay only 50% of 70,000 rupees as per contact document but they just keep silent  because it my money not there money but God is looking all whoever work there and owner all get big stoke (clod in brain) and get paralysis and mentally mad round in street like beggar dogs I al ready jobless person they not paying my money please help me out  show me get my money back.  begin I got most of they Delhi company not trustable I got blindbecause of interesting in Canada.

Pleaee friend any one in Canada working at present please can complaint against of pragati consultant in Canada immigration or police station it is help full for next person not get loss

Concumer board please help me to get my money I am ready to pay fee once complete my case and get my money.

any one know how to stop pragati consultant immigration licence  please let me know

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