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Dear Mr.Kumar,

(Pragati Consulting-PHCL India)

I am Sameer Shaikh (Mumbai),You have shutdown your mumbai office and since then I have been in constant followup with your Delhi office since 2016 but until now I didn’t received my refund. Initially I asked for my refund and spoke to Ms.Aakansha, Mr.Karan, Ms.Priyanka, Ms.Sanchayee Mazumdar but to no avail uptil now I didn’t received my refund,

I have already mailed all of them. its been more then 8 months now I have not received my refund. I tried calling you and your customer care no one is receiving the call. Aakansha’s Number Switched off, Karan’s Number Switched off, Priyanka’s Number is not reachable and your number is also constantly switched off.

Don’t make me loose my patience, please refund my money.How many mails I should do Even I have mailed you my Account number and IFSC Code but you did’t replied to any of my emails.

Please refund my money at the earliest.

Kind Regards


Mob :- +91-9892187872


  1. Mohaneesh

    The same thing like sameer shaikh has happened to me. Pragati consulting peoples are not picking up phones niether replying on mails. THEY HAVE CHEATED MEANY PEOPLES. either give us our money or qe will lodge police complaint

  2. Pragati Consulting

    Now, there’s a funny thing termed IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which you are STRICTLY required to clear, so that you are eligible for the Immigration process and only when you score the minimum eligibility marks, shall the Company move ahead with your case.

    Just to make things clear. you were unable to secure the Score required in your profile, failing this, our case manager provided you guidance for Quebec and filed your application/case for the said process.

    And I would also like to mention here that, through out this, our case managers were in constant touch with you through email and phone. It is you, who chose not to continue with Pragati Consulting and let me get this straight, you chose not to continue with Pragati Consulting as you knew that scoring the minimum marks in IELTS is beyond your capability. It is only then you started your exasperating demands of refunding the amount so paid by you for availing the services of Pragati Consulting.

    Let me make this clear, no Court of Law or Consumer Forum or any law prevailing in India will make us liable to refund the money as it has been clearly mentioned in our Contract/Agreement that in the event where the client fails to set the minimum score in the IELTS exam, the Company will not be held liable and it is only the clients responsibility to attain the marks.

    Also to make it more specific, the Company cannot be held liable for your incapabilities.

    Avoiding the fact that you are not willing to sit for IELTS again, we decided to hear your matter and as such we took an initiative from our end, sent you the Refund Form and placed it before the Refund Committee so that we avail you a fair trial.

    Believing this, we sent you a mail on the 14th of feb’2017, but to our dismay, you took to social networking sites and posted false content about our services.
    It is further stated that, our case managers were always at your reach and they have communicated with you through phone and mails, the record of which is also with you.

    That, our legal department also tried to reach you in order to settle the dispute.


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