Pragati Consultancy (PHCL) is a fraud agency. Stay away!!

I enrolled myself with Pragati Consultancy for Canada PR visa. They are extremely unprofessional people.

They took my money of Rs. 85000 and initially their services looked good enough. But soon after they stopped responding to calls or mails.

Even when my visa arrived, I had no clue and had to rush at last minute because these people didn’t inform me. They had promised job assistance but now Mr. KUMAR HAS HIS CELL SWITCHED OFF SINCE THE PAST ONE MONTH. He is a fraud

Its extremely frustrating. I should have rather did my own research and got my visa. Looking at options to press a legal case against them. But people beware of  PHCL!!


  1. pragati consulting

    Dear Ragurao
    As you have only posted in your mail that you have got a visa thru Pragati only, now you have got the visa and you are complaining,you should have applied for the refund or withdrawl before getting the visa only if you really had problems with us. You have already got the visa thru us as we have sincerly handled your case from the past one year and thru our hard work and expertise only you got the visa,we handled you queries patiently so many time before your visa come and now you are complaining just to get your money back. Its just like the thing that the whole year a student get the coaching and after getting good marks in exams, he is complaining about the teacher to get his money back. what a joke!!!

    1. Raghu

      You fraudsters!… My profile was eligible for PR visa anyway, not because of your ‘expertise’.
      Your rep had promised me job assistance repeatedly and that was the reason I decided to pay you. In her words she said ‘We will set up minimum 5 interviews for you’…
      And now you don’t even bother to pickup my phone despite repeated requests….. Don’t justify your fraud activities.
      Applying for PR is a simple process listed out in cic website already. I joined only because you promised placement assistance which you have not bothered to fulfill. It is a fraud.


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