Please help me, Abhinav immigration not refunding my money

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Please help me, Abhinav immigration not refunding my money Had I did little research we would not have lost 90K in this. We were planning to apply for immigration and somehow we got only good reviews about Abhinav ( May be they only put some positive reviews in the forums to attract people). On the very first week itself we paid 60K INR as their processing fee… I sincerely regret for not having a second thought on that. As said above, its difficult for us to go and collect transcripts as we are living and working in different state. Somehow arranged that through friends and next step is IELTS. Believe me I thought I would easily score above 8. But I got just 6.5 in all four and since my husband was primary applicant, he missed to score .5 in one category. Again he took, he managed to score 7 in speaking both the times but he missed the cutoff by 0.5. So we totally spent 30k in IELTS plus 60K given to Abhinav. All they said is you shift to Australia for which we will deduct 20000Rs. What they did for deducting 20l INR??? just one mail stating the list of documents!!! which we would have easily got by 2 minutes of googling. I really feel all my education has gone waste, not to sense the fraud behind this. We do not want to spend more on IELTS. It looks very easy, but always end up in missing the cut off by 0.5. Atleast cant they return a percentage of money back? Is their rule so strict or this is how they manage to do a living by cheating people? Please please please be aware and do not go to any consultancy. Clear IELTS get the transcripts and the proceeed further.


  1. zoya

    HI All,

    I want to go for Kansas Hyd or Abhinav consultancy.

    please suggest which will be the best for migration.

  2. preethi

    is visas avenue best consultant to immigrate canada

  3. rohtashrathi13

    Hell All,

    They all are cheaters. they have not refund my money back. Dont rely on this firm

  4. Brijesh

    call me on 9727958571….

  5. Ravinder

    Hello guys

    I am struggling to decide which consultant is at par for Canada PR. I have to write my IELTS exam next month. Should i wait till my Ielts score or get into the process of WES through them. PLease suggest.

    Ravinder singh 9988855244

    1. Anuj

      Do wait for ur score….I know people who took IELTS 4 times and still could not make it… Everything is based on ielts score, so better to have it then regret later

  6. Neha

    Hi All,

    I was also cheated by Abhinav. We hire consultant so that you can save some time and everthing should be done correctly so that there wont be any chances of rejection.But they also dont have complete knowledge about how complete form requirements are to be done. They work like a layman only. I had applied for Canada, there was a formality of matching your course code on the website and fill he form. I sat in Abhinavs office while filling the form there is Lady with name “Shalini” she assisted me in filling the form, one of my course didnt match the course code given on website. So Shalini matched it with something else according to job responsibilities. Later on it was rejected due to that only. I went to there office to tell them that Shalini herself filled the form but they keep on blaming me for the same and dont want to listen anything, I even asked them to call Shalini and ask about the same but they dont want to. No refund, No realisation. They even dont know how everone collects money to pay them. They dont even bother about there dreams. There has to be a transperency in everything but They meant a business to earn money without understanding others sentiments.

    1. abhishek

      please give a call on 7417426201 i also want to know about the truth of abhinav

  7. Bijoy

    Similar case happened to me as well. After paid the money there is no follow up, no communication and finally they are telling we are going to close ur case otherwise for renewal again we have to pay money. Guys please dont go behind this stupid people..Pls some one help me how to get back my money..

  8. Parthasarathy

    I too agreed they are big furad. They never tell any openly.

    In my case I applied for Australia.
    In begining itself I came with IELTS band 6 in all. I am a System admin for my profile I am not eligible totally for Australia but these guys keep mouth shut throughout the process.

    I paid 65+ service fee
    Then re-take exam paid around 11200
    Then ACS process 25000

    Upon considering this they totally sucked all my efforts and money and no out come.

    The main disappointment in first they never call you back for any reason, all the time you need go with stupid answer phone and then to connect them.

    If they guide me in right direction for Canada I might get Visa in last 6 months process.

    Once Abhinav is a big furad!!!

  9. kinginy

    hello am planing to migrate Canada. which one is the trusted agency in Bangalore???
    Kansas Overseas – Visa Immigration Consultants in India is good????

  10. sukhvir

    fully agreed with the same I also Have Bad experience they even not inform me the last date of submission ,no call or communication after fee have to call up them every time& suddenly when i approached once just to know the status , they say oh you have to submit all documents by tody/tomorrow itself as othwise it will be delayed- what’s nonsence this is .they are just sit to make money by cheating people. however the cases got success are just by client’s effort only.
    beware of such cheaters and dont rely on them .

  11. Cheated by Abhinav

    Hi All,
    Similar experience I had too, with Abhinav consultants Bangalore. Until we pay the money, they call us everyday to just pressurize us stating that if you delay the opportunity is lost etc. After we make the payment, no calls. The bloody guy in charge Alex will not even bother to talk to you if you go in person. Its sheet waste of money to apply for immigration through Abhinav. All the procedures and documents required are available online. Please do not approach Abhinav. They are just keen in looting your money.

    1. abhishek

      please tel me about abhinav i have to enroll in that consulty 7417426201


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