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Opulentus Visa Review

Fraud Company. Think 100 times before giving your hard earned money to them. Their commitments & promises are fake. In June 2014, I paid them 70,000 for my PR application for Canada. The moment I paid them, they started assuring me that I will get my PR in the next 6 months. They charged 2,000 extra to analyse my profile before accepting the case and 2 months later told me that  my points are falling short and I can’t apply. Their staff had no knowledge about the point system and misguided me for another 3 months. When I finally submitted my application, it was December 2014. For the next 6 months, I did not receive any communication from CIC or opulentus. They had no clue what happened to my application. They took 70k, just to waste my 6 months and fill some papers on my behalf. Whenever I asked them to check status of my application, they said they can’t do anything. Few days back, I got mail from CIC saying that the global quota was filled by the time my application reached them.


  1. Ramprakash

    I have paid 85k to Opulentus by feb, 16.Today is 18/09/17. I’m still here in India hoping they will send me abroad. I’m not from a rich family background. 85k is a huge amount to me. Apart from that I’m showing security deposit of 6.5 lkhs on my account where I’m paying interest to a bank for my family owned jewels. Never trust this company.

  2. Parm

    Hello Friends,

    All are in the same boat and Opulentus is really fake and misguides the people. I have also paid them 80K but nothing was done, even denying for the refund.

    Does anyone know how to get the refund?
    please help.


    thanks guys for this, i did filled with opluntas and thought of checking review online, now i won’t go further, coz i filled my all info wrong and just to see if they catch it or just fooling, but guess what that didn’t even go through my application and sent me clear way to go next step where i have to pay 80k,

  4. Vikas

    I had the same experience. Took 70000 from me and assured visa would be obtained in 8 months. Its been 20 months and my application has not even moved one inch. The Sales team has no idea about Canandian process – they just lure you into a trap. Never go for this company.

  5. Naveed

    Thanks ft the info. Could u plz giv me the cont details of the canadian consltant

  6. tharak

    dont trust the opulentus
    we paid 1.6lak rupess but they cheated us
    we lost every thing.
    please dont go for opulentus

  7. santosh

    hi farheen

    I thinking to starting for PR immigration process . After reading the feedback ,i feel the opulentus doesnt have expects in processing the pr .Could you please suggest someone who can help .

  8. BT

    Opulentus Fraud Company.. Don’t pay any amount to them. simply they are say ,they will help for every thing. But We need get IELTS score First like 7 7 7 8, then you will get good CRS score otherwise no use pay . They are took 1 lacs rupees for processing but now they are saying alway wait for updates.

    1. dd

      I agree with exactly the same happened to me.

  9. Rajeev Mathur

    thanks for giving such comments for Migration because i also wants to Canada or Australia for this i got call from Oplentus now i am understand what to do thanks

  10. Mubin

    One of the biggest fraud consultant. When we had applied through Mumbai Team at Andheri 2 years back they said we are eligible and withing 6 to 8 months you will be in Canada but now 2 years have past and nothing yet done. We did our IELTS, done with ECA but nothing worked out. Opulentus just kept on lying; and now will be only refund with few amount, what a bullshit consultant. Please don’t ever go ahead with them. And don’t follow the review mentioned on their website.

    To refund the amount they take time; but while taking your hard earned money they will take soon and start showing you dream which is just a dream. They just play a lucky draw game with you. If by luck your work is done they take credit.

    None of the consultant in India are able to do good job.

    Better hire a good consultant from the particular country you applying for and good thing is that you can 100% trust them. Not thing that this consultancy are in India we can get hold of them if anything goes wrong and so. Trust me nothing can be done. Better go for out source and make your dream come true.

  11. Gagan

    Opulentus is a fraud company.They promise something else and truth is totally differnt.Totally fraud..

  12. Akshatha

    I got a call from srilekha from this consultant and she asked me to pay 850 after discount for registration. Anybody please help me whether I should take help of this consultant for migration from India.

    1. fdsfuroei

      I had also get such calls for immigration to ATLANTAS a far eastern state of CANADA.

  13. Ananth

    Could you people share your contact details?

  14. amar


    I had very bad experience with opulentus.
    kindly let me know how to file a complaint against this fradulant company

    1. ss

      hello amar,

      can you tell me it is good or bad consultant?

      So that i can decide and go the next step.

      1. Vishal

        never ever go for Opulentus…. they are bigest fraud

    2. Mubin

      Better do a Police complaint where you had applied.

  15. swati

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I am writing this email that I am very disappointed with the services of Opulentus.

    One of my friends recommended me your company. I called to your company. They appointed one sales person from the Hyderabad office. I sent my resume and based upon it your company people suggested me to go for Australian PR. I already told them I am a lecturer in Malaysia and I already checked with other consultants, I am not eligible for teaching in colleges because I have done my masters only.

    Everything started since 13th July, 2016….Then your company did IRR I paid Rs 1000 and they gave me the positive result with Vocational Education Teacher (Non Trades) and asked me to upload all the documents with payment Rs 40,000 and start the process. Then they took more than one month only for documents process. It was too hectic and poor services they provided. Every time new person was calling me. During that time, they said you are not eligible for Vocational Education Teacher (Non Trades) you must go for Training and development.

    I don’t understand that they are even confused how to suggest best option.

    So far I get convinced and I said ok, proceed with it.

    Then on 24th August, 2016 I paid to vetasses advisory and according to them I don’t qualify.

    Now I am getting calls to go for Canada.

    · I have a few questions what type of experts you have, they don’t know what is right for customer or not?

    · They always told me that we have many customers so be patient with your process. Did I tell you to take too many customers if you cannot handle them?

    · After three months, you are telling me to change the whole process. Do you have any one’s time value?

    · If you do not know anything then why should I hire a consultant? I thought the consultants would help. However, seriously too inexperienced people you have. I will never recommend to my friends in Malaysia who were looking for consultants.

    · I need my Rs40,000 within two days, I am an educated person I will do whole process by myself.


    And remember that one unhappy customer is equal to the loss of $10,000 of your marketing.

    until now they didn’t pay my money

    1. mm

      thank you madam for enlightening us we are going thru similar false misguidance from them

    2. Mubin

      Agreed with you. Opulentus is such consultant which cannot be trusted. They just loot people.

      1. Farheen

        Please do not go with Opulentus. They DO NOT any knowledge of Immigration and the services are damn poor.

        They are the biggest FRAUDULENT company. I paid them INR 92,000/- for nothing. Atlast got the immigration process done from a Canadian Lawyer by paying another C$ 7500/-. Now I am a Permanent Resident here at Canada.

        1. keerti

          can you tell ,how you did it,


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