World Overseas Services Delhi – Fraud Canadian PR

World Overseas services Consultancy Delhi : I have done registration with World Overseas services Delhi with paying 25000 for Canadian PR. As I have Paid them money, they shows their original colour.They do not pick my call neither answer regarding my Case regarding the Status. When I got tired and asked about getting Refund as they are not doing anything They Refused to give me back… So please Help me getting out from the matter.

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  1. Ramesh Bhatia

    World over seas they are misusing the name of shine .com and I’m Ramesh Bhatia I’m from Chandigarh I also have been frauded by these cheater. At the beginning my contact person was Shwati Sharma,She is the biggest cheater and cheaper she made me to pay 45000 to make my fool. After that Abhishek I have paid cash 45000 for registration and visa processrand interview conducting. And after.they stop responding. And not answering my call and emails.after 6,7 months i went to ther office in Malviya Nagar New Delhi to get my money back,I told them that I want to meet Swati or Abhisek since they were my contact person,but they called their legal advisor to tell that they will take some more time to processes my file for visa application. Its been 1 year and my file is still pending.and they are not willing to give my money back That are fucking as hole and shamless pepoles. They all are ass holes they use girl from their office to convince pepoles to make payments. But be very careful if you will get a call from world overseas so please give a call once on 9914344569 I will tell you what they are and what they do once you make payments.

    Ramesh Bhatia


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