Fraud of immigration consultant Y-Axis Bangalore

Cheated by y-axis Bangalore before sign up process they gave me all false information and signed an agreement after signup when I got a document list I got shocked after looking at that, also they told verbally we will help u to arrange fund, but no help. Also at that time I got a financial crisis, I lost my job and my father got illness, due to that I was not able to spend a single rupee, that time I asked them please refund my money, I need it badly..but they told they will review the withdrawal process and do something after some day they send a mail and saying no refund is possible. one of her representative name ramyasaying u will get some refund please wait.


  1. shibu

    i have a call from banglore y axis that we are having a work visa for hongkong as a supervisor i want to know that it is true or not

  2. kashif_delvi

    Y Axis Charges You 17000

    Even for old customers Yaxis charges 17000 just to give a form of PNP nomination to canada , please before taking the service collect exact information what service they are going to provide you all those forms are available in internet please don’t loose money ,We think by taking their help we can save money but that doesn’t happen in immigration case we tend to loose double the time , as we are the best to fill our own forms for which YAXIS demands in lacks, if you want to loose lacks just to fill your forms by yaxis people you can go to them but please don’t get fooled as i got.

  3. kashif_delvi

    Y Axis Immigration :- if you want to loose money only then you go to yaxis they will pull lot of money and just ask you to do every thing , if you have thought of migration am sure you have enough English to read instructions yourselves , dont do mistake what i did it took me 1 year to realize that.

  4. Y-Axis Client Relationship Officer

    Dear Yoginder,

    This is an official response from Y-Axis.
    We have checked our database and we are unable to find a client with your name. This leads us to believe that you are not a genuine client of Y-Axis and this complaint has been posted by competition with the intent to defame our brand name.
    If you are a genuine client please email us your Y-Axis Registration Number which will help us address your complaint.

    Client Relationship Officer
    Y-Axis Overseas Careers


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