Complain against Pragati Consulting

Dear Sir,
I am regret to state you that I had enrolled with Pragati Consulting Company in the year 30th December, 2015 for CANADA duly signed by an agreement between me and the company.
First of all, my CV’s evaluation had done by Pragati consulting Mumbai branch, situated at Pawai through Miss Priti and she had congratulated me that my profile had shortlisted with them for CANADA and AUSTRALIA. (Mail copy attached and marked). She mailed me that I had scored 74 out of required 67 points for CANADA express entry assessment report for PR application process, (Mail copy attached and marked).
After her confirmation I had signed up for CANADA by paying the consultant fee for Rupees 80,000/- through cheque to Pragati consulting HO Connaught place, New Delhi. Within a few days I had received a welcome mail from Miss Geetanjali who was looking after my case from Delhi HO, (Mail copy attached).
Consecutively, I had completed all the necessity steps as suggested by Miss Geetanjali for eligibility to go CANADA for PR Process. And she had greeted/informed me that they are going to process for my PR application finally. (Mail copy attached and marked), dated, 14th Sept., 2016.
This was the last intimation by Miss Geetanjali to me and within the period I had made phone calls and wrote mail to Miss Geetanjali for several times for knowing my PR status. But unfortunately, I was failing to receive any information from the Pragati’s desk regarding my PR process. Once even they asked to leave my mail ID and they will let me know on behalf of Miss Geetanjali because, she is on marriage leave as they stated. But I am sorry to intimate you that I had left my mail ID to the pragati’s desk but neither Pragati call nor any updating had provided to me on behalf of Miss Geetanjali even till four months and more, (Mail copy attached). From that period, I came into frustration and lose my trust, confidant and hope from Pragati accordingly.
It had left four months and more I was trying to connect, following up and write mail regularly. After my continuous effort Pragati Consulting informed me that you will contact to Mr. Sanam he will let you know for your PR process. And as per suggestion, I had mailed to him and he delivered my case to Mr. Shobit then I asked for my PR application status through mail and informed that I was totally disappointed with you. And if my CRS point was not sufficient for getting the PR Visa then please arranged to pay the refund as per contact agreement, (Mail copy attached). Finally, after five months and more Mr. Shobit informed me that my IELTS score was not sufficient to getting the PR visa. You to re-appear for another IELTS when I had asked for my PR Status and already lost my confident/ trust for pragati, (Mail copy attached).
Sir, I have been not understanding one thing if my IELTS score was not sufficient then,
1)How Miss Geetanjali was greet/informed me for my PR process finally before Six months ago.
2)I don’t know why Pragati Consulting did not inform regarding my IELTS score before six months ago on behalf of Miss Geetanjali accordingly.
3)Why Pragati Consulting did not respond my mail and coordinate, collaborate & cooperate with me regularly in this regards even I was write and following up them on regular basis.
After this correspondent with Mr. Shobit, I had requested for other countries then he replied, you will send your current CV again and I sent immediately. After reviewed my CV Mr. Shobit advised me that my CV was not consider for other countries even I requested him for any Gulf countries too. He replied, Pragati doesn’t entertain for gulf countries right now. (Mail copy attached).
In this regards, let me intimate you one thing Sir, If my CV was not consider for any other country as per Pragati’s reviewed then how Pragati consulting was consider my same CV for Australia and Canada at the time of enrollment, (mail copy attached).
Sir, there is no doubt that Pragati Consulting is very unreliable, untrustworthy and doesn’t quality service provider company. Many people are getting betrayed and doesn’t able to fulfill their dream through Pragati Consulting even till today. Accordingly,in my case Prgati Consulting Company unable to provide the transparent and quality service as per our agreement.
Therefore, I cordially request you to consider the above mentioned matter as per consumer forum.
Thanking you


  1. yousuff

    I am going to take action against of pragati

  2. yousuff

    why not complaint in police station which place you are in you hjave receipt and contact document take one copy and submit against of pragati i also lost 70000 ruppe this consultancy is fraud it is100% sure.if you keep quit others also get loss of money at least you complaint now


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