WWICS Immigration Company is not FRAUD

Dear all

It is one of the most memorable days of my life having received information about the grant of VISA for migration to Australia.

I have been pursuing my Australia dream for years - as we know migration is not an easy decision and the process by itself is complicated. It requires a professional and specialized migration Consultant and this is where WWICS made my way so smooth with its personalized touch, as if they are pursuing their own dream and not just of their client.

I would like to thank each and everyone at WWICS for their wonderful and personal approach to every aspect of the migration process.

I cannot miss this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Anish,
Mr. M Malik, who demonstrated their finesse in client service through out the process.

It is said the word of mouth is better than any form of marketing medium and I do believe in this.

Sangeeta Sharma

I am deeply grateful to God for this visa and thank Him for bringing WWICS my way. I do not regret having chosen WWICS to help me with my visa application; the team proved to be genuine, had my interest at heart, and had an amazing ‘putting the client first’ attitude.. I appreciated the step and step guidance that I got from the team from my first interaction with WWICS in 2014 to the end, and indeed Australian visa application proved to be a comprehensive and willpower testing process, where success of one step determined success of the next. The initial free assessment I got from WWICS was an eye opener and the guidance I got from the team thereafter in identifying the skill in demand in Australia that matched my skills was really useful; when I look back I can only be grateful because I realize if I would not have done this on my on my own.

Madhusudan Das

I think I am bit late to write this but i also feel it is good to be late than never, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the support you’ve given me all through my immigration process. I am in Melbourne, Australia today because of you.

I remember, during first week of March 2016 when I had given a call to you and informed my particulars & you replied very confidently, “Sir you will get visa in 6 months of starting the process”. Internally I was thinking you must be saying to make a customer but anyhow I consulted you again & we signed a contract of services.

On the signing date of contract you given me date on paper that before 13October 2016 Visa would be there and I got it in Sep 2016. This all has been possible because of your understanding of the client profile, process & requirements and you are the one who pulled up everything in right time at right place & guided me.
Once again thank you very much.

Shivam Malhotra